Pipette Tips with Low Retention: Every Single Drop Matters

Low retention tips, also referred to as low binding tips, are specialized pipette tips crafted to minimize the adhesion of various materials such as DNA, enzymes, proteins, and cells to the tip surface. They leverage polymer technology to enhance the inner surface of the pipette tip, making it more hydrophobic. This modification leads to a substantial reduction in sample loss caused by adhesion. In comparison to regular pipette tips, low retention pipette tips can decrease sample retention by three to five times. These tips are engineered to enhance sample accuracy, boost reliability, conserve expensive reagents, facilitate precise sample delivery, and they are completely inert. Overall, low retention pipette tips contribute to improved liquid handling, reduce liquid retention, and prove to be a valuable tool in laboratory settings.

Cornomics Low Retention Tips Enhance Pipetting Precision by Maximizing The Recovery Of Samples

Certain liquids have a tendency to stick to pipette tips, negatively impacting the confidence interval of assays, particularly in pipetting processes like serial dilution. To address this challenge, Cornomics has introduced a distinctive diamond-finish Swiss Mold made from pure polymer. This mold creates a superhydrophobic internal surface, preventing any adhesion and guaranteeing the highest possible recovery of sample yield.

High Quality

Cornomics low retention tips undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure their absolute purity. Each tip is meticulously examined for the absence of DNase, RNase, Pyrogen, Human DNA, and PCR inhibitors. The flow of liquid is consistently homogeneous, and the tips are manufactured aseptically in an automated facility, adhering to stringent quality standards.

Exceptional Production Standards

In our production process, we refrain from incorporating additives like slip agents or biocides. Our products are crafted from virgin polypropylene resins approved by the USFDA, and they contain no traces of heavy metals.

Uses Of Low Retention Pipette Tips

Cornomics Low Retention Tips are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of molecular biology techniques, particularly those employing highly sensitive detection methods that necessitate unparalleled reliability and reproducibility in pipetting. Furthermore, the reagents and samples utilized in DNA and protein analysis methods frequently include detergents. Through the reduction of sample retention and enhancement of pipetting reproducibility, Cornomics Low Retention Tips ensure precise and accurate results even when handling challenging samples such as radioactive compounds, viscous materials, fragile cell lines, whole blood, viruses, difficult proteins, PCR reagents, and more.

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